6 Reasons why One day trip to Vasai is more likely a mini Goa trip! Cover picutre

6 Reasons why One day trip to Vasai is more likely a mini Goa trip!

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When short vacations depress us with boredom and we all want to pack our bags with our buddies and head straight to Goa, it's always a failure either due to parents nahi manege(parents won't allow) or jeb khali hai yar(shortage of money) right?

Then visiting Goa within a day's span with minimum expenditure can be impossible if only you don't know about mini Goa!

Yes, Vasai gaon! (Also called as Bassein)Located in Palghar district and on the outskirts of Mumbai stands this mini Goa where you can definitely fulfill your squad's Goa dream!!!!

One can reach there by local trains if residing in Mumbai or by Car or a Bus.

1. Beautiful Churches:

Vasai gaon has innumerable churches which you cannot even count on your fingers! As this territory was invaded by the Portuguese, people are mostly of Christian faith and so every nook and corner of vasai has a church for every parish! The churches are ineffable with heritage designs pervaded by peace.

2. Beaches:

Now what's a Goa without a beach? Likewise the mini Goa also has beaches unlike the foreign crowd , the crowd here is simple and mostly like a family and friends picnic area. The beaches are clean and also has camel rides, horse rides , ferry boats and water bikes!!!

3. Vasai fort:

Built by the Portuguese in the 18th century and later captured by the Marathas, Vasai fort is a dynamic monument attracting a lot of tourists and even Bollywood people for shooting. It's considered as the largest photo studio of Mumbai and the scenic beauty of this fort is like a cherry on the cake!!! Many Bollywood shooting like kambakht ishq song, Josh movie, whistle Baja song were done here. Also, the fort is located on the coast where one can enjoy both the sea and the grass at one place. Besides, the fort itself has many stories to tell!!!

4. Climate:

The climate here is moderate from 22 to 30 degrees as per the season and receives the best rains during monsoon. The weather here is always cool and lots of greenery adds to the nature's beauty. People mostly move here to find serenity and tranquility of nature unlike the busy streets of Mumbai!! Also, one can enjoy bike rides in village area surrounded by trees and silent bungalows for a total different experience.

5. Seafood:

One of the most wanted reasons to visit Vasai is fresh seafood and restaurants serving them which are located near the beaches. As the fishermen community is large here, different varieties of sea food can be relished with your buddies. What about that spicy grilled pomfret with a drink??

6. Friends corner÷

Though Vasai is called a gaon, it's actually a developed town with lip smacking cafés and restaurants. All the food chains and eateries have taken their place everywhere here. All you need is to just chill out in one of the coolest cafés and make your day a memorable one!

Unlike Goa, Vasai doesn't have any late night pubs or clubs and the town sleeps till midnight . It's not actually the real Goa but one can truly enjoy the main perks of Goa here and that is why it's called the mini Goa! So, when are you heading to this Mini Goa?

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