Reasons why Matheran can be a better option if Mahableshwar is not on your list. Cover picutre

Reasons why Matheran can be a better option if Mahableshwar is not on your list.

Matheran, Maharashtra

When it comes to holidays, we mostly prefer hill stations to enjoy the cool climate apart from our regular dusty and humid one. For me as a Mumbaikar, Mahableshwar will be always on my list when it comes to a nearby chilling hill station. But why always Mahableshwar? This time let's go to another M..Matheran!!!

How to reach there:Located in the Raigad district and near Mumbai in Maharashtra, both from Mumbai and Pune there is a rail route to get down at Karjat station or more specifically Nerul station and from there one can climb the ghat by private or public transport and then walk up to the place or take a horse ride or the palkhi!

The pleasant and cool atmosphere without any pollution is the highlight of this place. As vehicles are banned here, people are encouraged to walk or take horse rides for commuting to different points. The roads here are of red clay and the lush green trees alongside are treat to eyes and lungs. You would find many monkeys here jumping from one tree to another but harmless. The fragrance of mud due to early dew drops plus the sight of the sunrise is ineffable.

I got to reside at Matheran's one of the oldest resorts which is now recently renovated and is located in the midst of nature, Hotel Royal Matheran. I was lucky enough to have a pool along with gaming zone, DJ nights, delicious food and even magic shows!!!

Most of the hotels at Matheran gives all this facilities to tourists for a better experience and guess what? Their pocket friendly and cheaper than Mahabaleshwar!!!

The mini bazar located in the heart of Matheran is filled with various types of leather purses, belts, shoes etc. Also there are antiques, show pieces and hand made artifacts for tourist attraction. One can enjoy burf gola with different flavors and also many types of berries, tamarind, bor and star fruit.

The evening here is lit as people can enjoy the sunset at the sunset point with roasted hot corn surrounded by chilly winds and if not a corn lover then late night Maggi stalls are always to the rescue.

There are different tourist points at Matheran like the

Louisa Point which is famous for its beautiful view and one can see the Vishalgad fort from here.

Panorama point: Panorama point is also called as the sunrise point where people gather before sunrise to admire this breathtaking piece of nature. Also one can see the colors playing in the morning at this point.

The Echo point÷ One can enjoy this point by calling out their loved ones names and hearing them back again.

The Shivaji's ladder÷ This is one of the points where the trekkers usually visit due to the dangerously designed steps which can shiver even the mightiest of trekkers.

The Charlottes lake÷ This lake is famous for its beautiful scenic view surrounded by bushes. Also there is a short dam built on this lake where people can enjoy.

Honeymoon point÷ This point was considered as the honeymoon place for Britishers when they had invaded India.

Prabal fort ÷ This fort was demolished later but the remains of this fort can still be visited by the tourists.

Monkey point÷ Different types of monkeys and their species can be found here.

Other tourist attractions are the Hart point, the Alexander point, the rambagh point, one tree hill point and so on..

As Matheran is famous for horses, a place called as Olympia was made were the horse race would take place. The local people here are very friendly and good at heart.  Also there are many temples like the Pisarnath Mahadev temple, Shiv Mandir  etc.

The best time to visit this place is summer where you can relax and chill with your buddies or family.

So, when are you heading to this awesome and non polluted area?

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