Pushkar- the land of tourist's dessert!!!! Cover picutre

Pushkar- the land of tourist's dessert!!!!

Pushkar, Rajasthan

Located at a distance of about 13km from the famous pilgrimage centre Ajmer Sharif in Rajasthan stands the village Pushkar by the Pushkar lake which is well known for bathing of Hindu devotees.

Apart from always visiting Jaipur, Udaipur, Mount abu, I decided to explore a totally new place at Rajasthan to satisfy my dessert safari dream.

After paying homage to the famous Ajmer Sharif Dargah, my next destination was this small village of Pushkar which is also called as the land of many temples especially Lord Bramha Temple.

I took a private car from Ajmer or there are many public and private buses which halt at Pushkar.

Though it's a small village,various attractions here are:

1. The camel safari: Pushkar is mainly famous for Camel safaris both for individual and the family. One can experience the far horizon touching dessert with a cool turban and a tuntuna in one hand. The camels halt at a specific place in the dessert where small plays relating to Rajasthani traditions as well as dance shows of typical Rajasthani Ghoomar is performed by the locals. One can also rent the traditional clothes for a mesmerizing experience of the trip and snap it away in your collection of photos. The camel safari also shows you the famous villa of Pushkar where the ' Diya and Baati' show was shot. Also, some locations are shown were the Karan Arjun movie was shot.

The night camel dessert safari is one of the best things at Pushkar. You can enjoy the chilly atmosphere with a roasted corn in the middle of the dessert with the traditional dance for your entertainment.

2. Pushkar Mela: The Pushkar Mela is something which you can enjoy from late October to middle November every year. The most fascinating thing about this Mela is the various competitions held by the locals like the tug of war between the females and also between the males, award for the longest moustache, largest turban etc. Many cattles and livestock are kept for selling and apart from that live and vibrant colour ghagras, chunris, chudas are all what you need to go ethnic with pinch of jhumkas!!

One can enjoy the relishing chat, samosa chat, camel milk and corn items along with a ride in merry go round, giant wheels and many more attractions. Also you can enjoy the hot air balloon rides touching the sky.

Local devotees come to the Pushkar lake during this period to submit their offerings. The site so enthralling that one can easily get drowned by the emotions of this people.

3. Pushkar Temples:

As this place is a devotional place, there are many temples such as the Savitri Mata Temple, The Varaha temple, The Brahmaji Temple, Raghunath Temple and so on.

4. The Man Mahal: The Man Mahal is a palace which was built by the Raja Man Singh of Amber. The Palace holds one of the excellent architectures of Rajasthan and the interiors are just elegant and spellbound. This Mahal is now used as a residential place for the tourists.

Though Pushkar is a small village it has many beautiful attractions for the tourists and the best time to visit this place is from October. So if you are at Rajasthan, Pushkar is a must visit!!!

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