6 Most oldest and vintage style Irani restaurants in Mumbai!!!! Cover picutre

6 Most oldest and vintage style Irani restaurants in Mumbai!!!!

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Bored with the ordinary cafes and restaurants in your city? Burgers and pizzas are the only options you've got to eat? Want to try some Parsi savouries and satisfy your vintage food cravings from the original Parsi kitchen and kill you're mainstream menu items then head straight to Mumbai...

Mumbai, well known as residential place for this small Parsi community which travelled from Iran bringing their culture and cuisine gives us major food goals which are totally different from our normal menu. This community started their restaurant business back when no one knew this metropolitan city. Since then, many restaurants are still running with their original cuisine while some are demolished. To try a few, I and my squad set out for a total new experience. Some of the Parsi or the Irani restaurants which are still running in Mumbai are as followsĂ·

1. Britannia and company restaurant: One of the oldest restaurants in Mumbai and the most popular amongst youngsters and elders, this place is mainly famous for its berry pulao, dhansak and other Parsi cuisines. The interior takes you back to 60s with wooden chairs and round tables with vintage lamps and long fans.

Location: Wakefield House,11, Sport Rd, 16, Ballard Estate, Opp New Custom House, Mumbai.