Let's trek to Tungareshwar Cover picutre

Let's trek to Tungareshwar

Vasai, Maharashtra

Located amidst the forest area of North of Sanjay Gandhi National park area is a small and beautiful place called as Tungareshwar mainly known for its temple and waterfalls.

How to reach there÷ Tungareshwar Temple and Waterfalls is about 60 Kilometres from Mumbai in Thane District starting at National Highway 8 taking about 1 hour and 40 minutes time to reach.

3 Kilometre from Vasai Phata Highway (Sativali Village), There is no bus facility but Shared and Private auto’s from Vasai Railway Station (East side) frequently available. Private cars can be taken till a point you feel safe and then walking and enjoying the trek is much preferred.

As it is a hilly mountain area with a 3 Kilometre muddy trek taking about 30 to 50 minutes walk starting at Sativali village, Vasai Phata Highway. This Tungareshwar entry point is also called ‘Sitaram Bapu Temple’ and from there starts the actual trek along the forest area where you'll find small streams playing beneath your feet. These streams join two main streams which connects the waterfalls. The streams are needed to be crossed without any support and the main adventure lies there. Not only youngsters but even kids can enjoy this trek which will directly take you to the temple. While trekking you'll encounter a number of seasonal colourful birds, reptiles, different species of monkeys and various wild life. Also, many kinds of trees, plants and greenery all around.

The waterfall here is at an altitude of about 2177 feet with crystal clear water surrounded by big stones n thickly wooded trees. One can find serenity plus enjoyment in the cool water while trekking. Many people come here just to enjoy the waterfalls. The waterfalls are active mostly in the monsoon and post monsoon.

When you trek further in the dense forest area, deep inside is the hilly forest temple of Lord Shiva (Shambhunath) . This medium sized temple also have Ram Kund on backside area . Along with Lord Shiva temple, A small temple of Goddess ‘Khodiyaar Mataji’ whose vehicle is Crocodile and based from Gujarat is also situates there. Being said about God and Godess, Tungareshwar attracts devotees who visit both these temples at special occasions and festive seasons like ‘Khodiyaar Jayanti’ which comes around February and ‘Maha Shivratri’ in Shravana Months falling between July and August every year. So this monsoon destination is also visited during non rainy days by devotees and not picnic groups. When it comes about rest room, it is available at initial part of the trek, located on the outskirts of the forest.