Top 5 attractions near Lonavala!!!! Cover picutre

Top 5 attractions near Lonavala!!!!

Lonavala, Maharashtra

They say that the perfect weekend plan doesn't exist but it does when you exactly know where to go and your GPS is all set to locate your destination with your squad exploring new adventures and thrills. If you're setting out to plan near Lonavala but bored of the mainstream points then I'll take you on a good tour of five most attractive places near Lonavala apart from normal chikkis and fudges!!!

1. The Bushy Dam:

Located on the River Indrayani, this dam is built with Mason and is strong unlike other dams. The specialty of this dam is that it has wide steps along the rocks from where the cool water flows with high intensity mostly thick during monsoon. It can hold a huge crowd which enjoys the running water sitting on the steps along with garam chai and bhuna corn stalls located on the dam rocks. Right from youngsters to senior citizens and children, everyone can enjoy here without any danger. During monsoon one has to take some precautions as the steps and rocks are slippery and the high flow of water along with pouring rain can create hurdles but some drizzles along with white water beneath your feet is paradise. While walking towards the dam you will encounter a number of small streams cascading amongst the hills which can be enjoyed too. Lush green surrounding and cool atmosphere with dropped down temperature adds to the adventure! If you are thinking of halting at this place then you'll find many hotels and resorts around to rest. There are also many restaurants which takes care of your belongings and in return you just need to buy food from there. Summing up, this place is a must visit during monsoons for a total different experience.

2. Lohagarh Fort÷

From the nearest rail route Lonavala of about 20kms and connected by Mumbai-Pune highway, Lohagarh is a part of Western Ghats which rises to an elevation of 1,033 m (3,389 ft) above sea level, and is located to the southwest of the larger Visapur fort. From the name we get that iron was used to construct this fort. Lohagarh fort was under the  Maratha empire for the majority of time, with a short period of 5 years under the  Mughal empire. This fort is vast and is recommended for trekkers who love exploring history too. Lohagarh's hill extends to the northwest to a fortified spur,called Vinchukata as it looks like the scorpion tail. 

It is best for photography and during monsoon the tail gets disappeared into the foggy clouds which is like a treat to eyes. Most of the walls and construction of this fort are demolished but the main large four gates are still intact. The Lohagarh further connects to the Visapur Fort. Within a distance of 2kms from Lohagarh, you will find Bhaga caves where the Buddhist monks would reside and practice.

3. Visapur fort÷ Built on the same plateau of Lohagarh fort, Visapur Fort stands at an elevation of 1084 meters above sea level. The nearest rail route of 10kms is Malavli Railway station and from there one has to trek down to 5kms steep slope to find this amazing fort. It was built by Balaji Vishwanath, the first Peshwa of Maratha during 1713 CE. Unlike Lohagarh, this Fort is large and beautiful from within. There are many carvings, arches, water spouts, a big well and ancient remuneration kept inside the fort. There are also small houses which are roofless and are now used as government offices. There is a huge gun probably received by England as they say it as Elizabeth's gun. Holy shrines and temples of Hanuman can be found in places of this fort. Night trekkers can halt here without any fear and enjoy camp fire and tenting. The cool climate and greenery surrounding the fort gives major camping goals here. Also steep slopes and twisted steps with some wildlife adventures during the day completes your trek. There is something exciting known as the Water walks during rainy season as water gushes and flows from the steps and slopes of the fort and trekkers climb against the current of the water which is fun but precautions are to be taken as the rocks and grass gets slippery, otherwise it's a must place on your list.

4. Tiger's point÷

If you're returning from Bushy Dam in your private vehicle then this place is a must halt at a distance of 20mins drive. It's a hilly area but usually crowded by tourists during evening to enjoy the sight and climate. The tiger's point gets its name due to the hill shaped as a tiger leaping and also called as tiger's leap. It is a cliff-top with a drop of over 650m giving an amazing view of the whole place. The point is surrounded by hawkers selling hot fritters and corns in the chilling winds and also there are horse and camel rides for tourists and children. During monsoon the place gets foggy and you can encounter small streams of waterfall in which you can drench yourselves and enjoy with your loved ones. It is best recommended for photographers. From Lonavala station, it's just 2kms away!!!!!!

5. Wet n joy waterpark÷

Location÷ Old Pune Mumbai Highway, NH-4, Post-Takve,Pune.

If you're weekend is an off season and want to chill out in cool water with adventurous water slides and plunge into India's largest wave pool with your buddies or family then get your tickets to Wet n Joy water park!!

The tickets are reasonable with facilities like parking, lockers and food inside the park. All rides right from the age group of toddlers to youngsters are found here and serene resting place for the senior citizens as well. Many exciting and unique thrills such as Master blaster ride, Nightmare where you can shout in a tunnel on a tube, 

Boomerango, cyclone, crazy river etc. can be enjoyed with your loved ones. There are many attractions for kids like Fungama where they can enjoy harmless in water with aquatic creatures built around the place and small pools to get drenched in. 

The biggest attraction here is the Thunder waves which is a 60,000 square feet Wave pool, no less than a real Beach. It spans across more than 46,339 square feet under water and more than 12,518 square feet of Beach area and ranks as India's largest wave pool. Exciting, isn't it???