A day at Colaba Causeway, Mumbai!!! Cover picutre

A day at Colaba Causeway, Mumbai!!!

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Rolling in the state's capital where your favorite celebs reside is a pride in itself. Silent streets with chaotic tourists all 365 days a year is something you wouldn't find elsewhere but Mumbai! If you're in the city for any reason, you just can't miss being at Colaba. Unlike other busy streets of Mumbai, Colaba is unique with warmth and coolness both simultaneous because of the surrounding it holds. Colaba can be a big shot's place but if you know exactly where to spend your day, it's the cheapest and must on your one day trip list. Reasons to hop in this place are÷


Colaba market is one of the cheapest markets of Mumbai. It is a local street market where you'll find foreigners more than the residents. Everything your wardrobe desires from western to ethnics are found here along with a treasure of colourful imitation jewelry, antiques and vintage clocks,lockets, idols, paintings, different types of wind chimes to adorn your house. A variety of belts, purses, footwear etc. to match your outfit are found here. Talking about jewelry,you will find the best collection of jhumkas,long earrings, indo-western hanging earrings with a wide range of your favorite blee. 

You'll find the latest fashion and imported fabric from your favourite brand in bulk quantity with a dropped down price which starts with as low as Rs.300!!! Personally, I prefer to buy beautiful, unique shirts, long dresses and trousers which you won't find anywhere else. Plus If you have the bargaining power,you rule the market with your lowest budget.

If you're not so fond of street shopping then there are various stores displaying their best quality design suitable for your pocket. Some famous stores to shop by are AAA, Aquamarine, Bunglow 8, Bombay Electric, Attic, Fuschia and Orange, Khubsons and Silver House , The Hakooba creations boutique and much more.

Food÷ Shopping and roaming are incomplete if you're not indulging into some sinny delicacies, and relieving your stomach. There are many food courts and restaurants at Colaba to dine. If you're near the local market then you'll find Piccadilly, MacDonald's, Tibbs Frankie, Cafe Leopold, Cafe Mondegar, Theobroma. If you move further towards the gateway Of India, you'll find Bademiya, Delhi Darbar, Shamiyana and many more at the back lanes. If you are tight on budget but want to relish some lip smacking dishes at cheap rates then Baghdadi restaurant is an all time rescure. Also to top, there's Starbucks, cafe coffee day and our very own Colaba Social!!!