All you want to know about the white dessert, Gujarat!!!! Cover picutre

All you want to know about the white dessert, Gujarat!!!!

Bhuj, Gujarat

Heard the Bollywood Badshah Amitabh Bachchan saying in his Gujarat tourism advertisement of 'Khushboo Gujarat ki', 'Kuch din toh guzaro Gujarat Mein' has always left us overwhelmed by the beautiful scenes of various parts of Gujarat and we all just wish to get lost into the sandy deserts blown by the dusky winds into the beautiful culture. One such place which is truly different from other places and one of its kind in whole country because of its geographical reasons is the most spellbinding desert, the Rann of Kutch!!!!

Location and features√∑

Located in the Thar Desert  of Kutch District of Gujarat, it is about 7,505.22 square kilometres in size and is known to be one of the largest salt deserts in the world. The land here is marshy and white in colour due to heavy salt content which makes it unique from other deserts.

You would identify this dessert from the famous movie scenes of Refugee, Magadheera, Ramleela and R..rajkumar.

To reach there the nearest rail route , air route and bus route is Bhuj. From there one has to travel by road to halt at Dhordo to get the permission from local DSP to enter Rann of Kutch, as permit is necessary to enter this place.

On your travel, you'll encounter a number of tents and Shamiyanas near the desert where tourists take halt at this amazing place right from local to VIP people. The Gujarat tourism takes care of all the requirements of the tourists.

During monsoon, this marshy place gets filled with standing water so the best time to visit this place is winter and early summers. The local people here are called as Kutchi people and they use Kutchchi Gujarati to communicate.

During night time, this dessert looks so splendid due to its comparison with the moon. You would feel like you're standing on the part of moon as it looks so closer and the land looks so similar. The atmosphere is so breathtaking that you'd never want to leave the place without satiating your soul fully by its beauty.

The main attraction at Kutch is the most famous festival held known as 'Rann Utsav'. This festival is stretched for a long tenure of 3 months covering the entire winter season. Tourists from far and wide visit this festival to taste the local culture of Gujarat. They get a chance to see the full moon replicating the place their standing ,especially on the full moon day or also called as 'Poonam'.

The local folks arrange small houses and tents with all amenities for the tourists and provide the best Gujarati cuisine to enjoy the actual place. During day time, there are many rides, shops, food corners where you'll find lip smacking chats, Gujarati dishes, thalis, chass to satisfy your food cravings. There are camel rides,horse rides to experience the desert safari. You'll find many flamingos near the desert area due to its marshiness.

During night, you'll find the colorful sight of local women dancing with their bright ghagras on the live traditional music played by the local men

 for the tourist entertainment. If you're an extrovert then you can join them for some unforgettable memories. You can also try on the traditional dress and click unending beautiful pictures which includes ghagras and silver jewelry for women with large pallo and colourful turbans for men. 

There are also many games held and one of the most exciting thing you can experience here is 'Chir Batti'( ghost lights) which is the dancing of lights from unknown and unexplained sources.


Kutch is mainly famous for its handicrafts which are delicately woven and made by the local women and young girls for their living. There are many shops which display these handicrafts which include embroidered clothes, purses and hand bags of different embroidery styles such as Ahiri, Rabari, Banni and Sindhi. Apart from this, you'll find various local footwears, imitation jewelry, Gujarati kadhas, jhumkas, anklets and many more. Colourful chudas(bangles) are purchased in vogue.

Summing up, this place is just awesome to visit with your family and spending a good vacation for future nostalgic memories!!!

So, ' Chalo Gujarat'!!!!

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