5 Beaches in Goa of Solitude for couples!!!! Cover picutre

5 Beaches in Goa of Solitude for couples!!!!

Goa, Goa

In Goa for honeymoon or weekend with your better half but irritated with the crowd on your favorite beach? Need some personal space with same ambience and thrill under the blue sky with reflecting sea and your feet submerged in the beautiful sand? Then head straight to these five awesome beaches in Goa renting a moped where all you will find is the never ending Arabian sea, calm shores,salty air and storia d'amore!!!!!!

1. Candolim Beach: Located in the Bardez taluka and about 15kms away from Panjim,North Goa, this beach is one of the longest beaches of Goa initiating from the Aguada fort and then merging the famous Calangute beach. Although a popular spot, very few tourists, mostly foreigners visit this place which makes it less chaotic and serene. With blue horizon reaching waters and whitish sand, this beach also holds scrubs and bushes at the back to give a green twist. You will find many sun bathing beds near the beach for tourists to relax and soak the sunny rays along with a good foot and back massage done by the locals. Also you will find women ready to do your braids and sell candy floss for your sweet cravings. The beach is not a silent beach where you won't find any water sports but it is rather a less crowded beach with all sorts of sports like para sailing,paragliding, snorkeling,banana boating and jet ski. Apart from all the activities, the beach is very calm and you'd hear nothing but just the sound of waves crashing the shores. A romantic walk along the edge with your partner is what candolim offers. You will find Inns and hotels at the entrance of Candolim. Also, bars located at the sea face to enjoy the sight with some good music is awaiting you and your loved one!!!

2. Sinquerim beach:

An extension of the Candolim beach, this place is quieter than Candolim and can provide you all the privacy which you always dreamt with your partner on a beach. You can test your better half's photography skills here and pose like a model straight from those television channels in the blue, cool water. A part of Aguada fort falls on the beach which looks incredible. There are small stalls of eatery and water sports available. One can sit here forgetting all the stress ,gazing at the beautiful sunset with their partner. This place is much better during night as the cool breeze kisses your skin and the surrounding is just apt for your special moments. There are night clubs located near this beach where you can groove to the beats and enjoy the night life of Goa.

3. Bambolim Beach÷

Giving a keralite touch to the Goan beach, about 7kms from Panaji is the most beautiful beach, the Bambolim beach. Breathtaking golden sand with lush green surrounding and crystal clear water kissing the shores is the specialty of this place. Strolling on this beach with your fingers intertwined with your partner's is like walking through paradise. The warm sun and cool trees are a perfect combination of a romantic climate which will make you stay here for hours doing nothing but just enjoying the atmosphere. One can go for swimming here and experience scuba diving. Other water sports are also available here. Also, the sunset here is jawdroppingly awesome with the sky splitting into various colors, soothing our eyes. Though this beach offers you many unique features, it's still not on ears of many tourists which makes it less crowded and provide tranquility to the visitors. If you're planning to halt here then the Bambolim beach resort is one the best places to relax.

4.Ashvem Beach÷

One of the most silent beaches of Northern Goa, the Ashvem beach is located at Panjim. This beach doesn't experience any tourists on frequent basis because of its unpopularity which makes it clean and calm. The untouched shore is so beautiful and natural with turquoise blue water free from any adulteration. The beach is little rocky and hence one can sit with complete ease. Visiting this place offers you a good swimming opportunity and let's you capture it's beauty in your camera. Honeymooners can rejoice the unruffled place, unbothered!!!! You can try out many exciting games here and sun bath or just sit quietly exploring the nature through your senses. There aren't many options of restaurants on the beach, but a few hawkers are present. There are many huts and sheds built for tourists to relax. During the dark, you can arrange a small romantic date for your partner or light up the lanterns leaving them into the starry sky sparling with the stars and watch in awe fulfilling all your open beach amoure dreams!!!

5. The Butterfly beach÷

If you're not a typical romantic couple and enjoy adventures but away from the local crowd then this is the place to visit only if you're in the right season when the butterflies descend on this beautiful place. This beach is a part of Palolem beach in South Goa but not directly connected to the crowdy place. Adventurers need to take a boat from Palolem and reach the heavenly beach surrounded by rocks, cliffs and golden sand merging with the blue reflected water. During the spring season when the trees bloom, this place gets covered with innumerable species of colourful butterflies which is like a treat to eyes. The sight is so amazing that one can get lost into the bleeful surrounding and never wish to go back. This beach is like a hidden gem of Goa and not known to many because of which the butterflies visit every spring season. Preserving the nature, one can experience all sorts of enjoyment here along with scooba diving and dolphin safari. Couples can enjoy their leisure time here and feel like Oh-so-maldives moment. You need to get to the Palolem beach during the sunset as the ferry boats are fewer to carry you back.

Summing up, Goa has uncountable beaches which are still left unexplored and untouched. But if you're here and hunting for a perfect holiday spot with your partner then this 5 beaches should surely top your list.

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