5 destinations to roll on a Dubai Safari!!!! Cover picutre

5 destinations to roll on a Dubai Safari!!!!

Dubai, Dubai

Wallahi Dubai!! Capital of UAE and covering half of Indian population, this country stands beautiful amongst the middle East's vast spreading desserts, incredibly!!!! The tall, sky kissing towers and busy malls, impeccable roads, latest technology, Masha Allah mosques, friendly people , great food and shop shop shop is all that makes this country proud.

From a dessert area with rich oil deposits, this country is one of the finest countries of the world and declared as the safest country for women.

So, come let's go on a Dubai Safari experiencing the best attractions of this country.

1. Burj Khalifa÷

Location÷ Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The tallest building of the world with more than 160 storeys is the massive Burj khalifa, erected on the dessert so amazingly with all the possible amenities. This tallest skyscraper is a home to many base jumpers, climbers and sky divers. The interiors are mesmerizing with different suits and business conference rooms, halls, malls, restaurants and much more. The view from top is breathtaking as one feels like floating on the clouds and near to the heavenly bodies. Not only in the sky but also the surrounding of burj khalifa is no less than a paradise with beautiful garden and manmade lake. Restricted to acrophobics but an adventure and new experience to tourists from all over the world is what Burj Khalifa offers.

2. Dubai fountains÷

Just surrounding the Burj Khalifa there's a beautiful manmade lake which holds the World's largest Musical fountains with innumerable lights and colors. These fountains have 6,600 lights and 25 colored projectors, it is 275 m long and water is shooted up to 500 ft high. The view is so spellbinding and incredible as you would see the streams of shooted water dancing according to the music played on the speakers impeccably! The perfect rhythm with perfect choreography and perfectly synced fountains dancing with different colors gives goosebumps and brighten up our eyes. The music starts with a break of 30 minutes from 6pm to 10pm and is just ravishing during the night time. The first song played is Sama Dubai, a tribute to Dubai's King Sheikh Mohammed and then series of Arabic, German, Indian and songs from all over the World are played. This type of scenario is rare and one of its kind adding a feather in the cap of Dubai's tourism.

3. IMG worlds of Adventure÷

The World's largest indoor theme park with multiple options for a perfect holiday destination with your family is built in Dubai. This theme park holds four main adventurous zones viz. Cartoon Network and Marvel,other two are the great IMG Boulevard and the Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure . This theme park covers an area of 1.5 million square feet and can hold more than 20,000 guests at a time. There are many restaurants and dining options inside the park along with thrilling roller coasters and rides which you wouldn't find elsewhere. The adventure zones are so realistic that you would find yourself strolling right into the fictional world.

4. Desert Safari÷ What's Dubai without a desert safari on rough off road massive wheel monster Jeep? Under the hot sun and footwears filled with golden sand along with a hat is all what you need on a dessert safari. Why not get on with the country's traditional 'kandurah' for men and 'Abaya' for women to feel the culture? The never ending dessert is so vast and adventurous giving you jerks along sand dunes. This trip also carry some luxuries like lip smacking barbecue dining in the middle of the desert and soft carpets to relax along with belly dancers performing to entertain you. It's the ultimate experience which one cannot miss.

5. The Jumeirah Beach÷

Though a dessert area but Dubai is one of the gulf countries along the coastline and has the finest of beaches. The Jumeirah beach has white sand surrounded by turquoise blue water under the bright sun. One can enjoy water sports, games, barbecue on the beach or simply relax with their loved ones on a mat or beach bed with lovely atmosphere. There's also Jumeirah beach resort to halt near the place.

Dubai has captured the global imagination by embracing the vibrancy and dynamism of modern Arabia to create attractions that redefine hospitality along with modesty.

So, when is your trip to this paradise? 

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