A memorable trip to Alibaug!!!! Cover picutre

A memorable trip to Alibaug!!!!

Alibag, Maharashtra

Exploring new destinations for a day's trip is difficult if you live in a suburb area like Mumbai. Most of the time is wasted in traveling and by the time you reach your place, you need to head back sooner without even enjoying the trip. My squad also faced the same problem until our plan was pinned to Alibaug!!!

Living in Mumbai, we just had to board our local Churchgate train, head to Colaba and from gate of India, take a ferry boat to Mandwa and from there bus to Alibaug. The ferry boat takes almost 45 to 50mins to reach the destination.

After reaching Alibaug, we first decided to explore the Kolaba fort as it was morning time and the atmosphere was cool and serene. We all were fresh so trekking this fort became much easier. We entered the fort from one of its gates opposite the beach. A number of houses had taken shelter in the fort of the locals for maintenance of the fort. We moved further where we came across sweet water wells even though the fort is built near the salty sea water. As we explored it more, there were temples and also a Dargah were many devotees irrespective of all religions came and offered homage to these shrines. 

The fort was clean and well maintained and we could enjoy our breakfast sitting on the green grass enjoying the historic atmosphere along with fun and many photographs. There were two big cannons inside the majestic body probably built by the Britishers.

After visiting the fort, it was almost noon so we decided to visit numerous temples on the way ahead. A hearty lunch at one of the local restaurants was the memorable one as it was delicious and hygienic.

Just a few minutes away from the fort, Alibaug beach was spread proudly with its blackish coarse sand and cool Arabian sea water kissing it's shores. Though the coastline was not so clean as expected but the beach was less crowded as we had been there on the weekdays. We took long walks, played numerous games, clicked till our phone memory got depleted and also sat on the sand gazing the silent shores during the low tides.

The beach was not like the one we always visit as the climate was humid but the cool breeze touching our bare skin and greenery at the back giving some shade, made our day!

We quickly set out to our another destination taking a halt near the local tea stall and slurping our favorite cutting!!!

Our next stop was back again to Mandwa to experience the beauty of this place. The Mandwa beach is clean and beautiful with brimming sunrays and unloading shores. This place holds many stunning bungalows, cottages and houses of people even from B-town. Our evening was spent well at Mandwa taking the amazing and spectacular view of the sea and Bhau ka Dhakka shore at Gateway seen from a long distance.

We couldn't enjoy other attractions at Alibaug due to shortage of time as our ferry boat had to leave early. But if you're here for more than one day then the Murud janjira fort, Kanakeshwar fort, Revdanda fort, Karmakar Museum and many other beaches are worth visiting.

Alibaug is a dynamic town of Raigad district studded with jewels of history and heritage forts pulling you back to the era of wars and rulers and giving you refreshment from your busy work schedule with your buddies in a pocket friendly budget.

So, when are you heading there?

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