6 Best places in India to avoid Summer's scorching heat!!! The 4th one is rare and untouched!!!! Cover picutre

6 Best places in India to avoid Summer's scorching heat!!! The 4th one is rare and untouched!!!!

Indi, Karnataka

March has just left and April has made its way this year too with its hot winds and scorching heat, hitting the mercury level up, leaving us sweating and tiring. Vacations are beginning for kids and if you're planning to hit a cooler place to relax and enjoy with your family apart from mainstream hill stations in India then these 6 places can help you explore new vacation destinations in your travel diaries!!!

1. Pachmarhi÷

Location÷ Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh.

This beautiful hill station is located on the Satpura hills at an elevation of 1100m, which is the highest region of Satpura and so it is proudly named as 'Satpura ki Rani'. It is situated amidst the nature where one can truly experience the coolness and calmness of green beings along with some adventures. Main attractions here are the serene waterfalls and the tranquil climate which is the ultimate combination one needs on a vacation. You can explore here many ancient caves like the Pandavas caves, Jata Shankar caves and also points like the sunset points, Dhoopgarh point and famous temples like the Chauragarh temple, Chota Mahadev temple etc. Satpura national park lies in its vicinity and hence one can encounter many wild animals here especially leopards. There are innumerable waterfalls here. To name a few are the bee falls, Apsara falls, silver falls etc.

2. Dodda betta÷

Location÷ Udagamandalam, Nilgiri district, Namil Nadu.

Dodda betta is situated on the Nilgiri hills at an elevation of about 2,637m. It is just 10kms away from the famous Ooty hill station and is unknown to many. It is not a hill station to reside but a place must to visit if you're in Ooty. This place is decorated with vast species of trees, plants, bushes and wild life with incredible view and atmosphere as it lies on a great height.

The main attraction here is the Blue mountain view from the Dodda betta peak which is ineffable. There is also a telescope house built for the tourist to take a view of the scene. Plantations and fields of rhododendrons and sholas can be seen while visiting this place.

3. Auli÷

Location÷ Chamoli district, Uttarakhand.

Covered with a blanket of milky snow and nestling in the Himalayan ranges at an elevation of about 3,049m, this place gives major vacation goals to the people tired of hot summers. One can encounter this place or take a halt on their way to the famous Badrinath pilgrimage. This place looks so amazing as you would find snow covered trees and bushes in the coniferous region and a picturesque view of the great Himalayan mountains. This place is mainly famous for skiers and novices. Professional skiers are spotted more here practicing their adventure. There are many interesting attractions like the Auli lake, small temples, incredible nature, cable cars and chairlift view for the tourists. Many hotels and resorts are built for increasing the tourism of India.

4. Cherrapunji÷

Location÷ East Khasi hills, Meghalaya.

Also known as 'Sohra' and the land of oranges, Cherrapunji is considered as the 'world's wettest place on the earth' It is mainly famous for its waterfalls and live bridges which are made from the roots of the ancient trees. There are also many ancient caves which can be explored. This place is covered with lush green nature and being the wettest, the temperature is dropped down throughout the year. It is said that there's no month when there's no rainfall here and it showers mostly during the night, fascinating isn't it? This place situated mostly in the clouds is the perfect destination for vacations which is still unknown and untouched by the tourists.

5. Coorg

Location÷ Kodagu district, Karnataka.

Also known as Kodagu, this place is mainly famous for spice and coffee plantations. The aroma you inhale as you visit this place is breathtaking along with green paradise under your feet. This place is apt for honeymooners who need private space and silent times. Many attractions such as the Abbey falls, rajas seat, sunset point and many other can be explored. There's a small island formed near this place called as Cauvery Nisargadhama which is a must visit. You can also go for spices and coffee plantations trip and stroll into its fields accompanied by the locals.

6. Toranmal÷

Location÷ Nandurbar district, Maharashtra

Toranmal hill station, one of the unknown places of Maharashtra situated in the Satpura range at an elevation of 1,150m is worth visiting. The climate here is chilled and pleasant. Attractions here include Yashawant Lake, lotus lake, check dam, Sita khai etc. There are also points like the Nagarjun point, Sat payri point, Awashabri point, sunset point and also Medicinal plant gardens. With a pinch of Marathi tadka, one can relish the Maharashtrian cuisine from the locals with a perfect blend of spice. One can also enjoy trekking here with their group.

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6 Best places in India to avoid Summer's scorching heat!!! The 4th one is rare and untouched!!!!