8 most haunted places in India, where everyday is a Halloween day!! Cover picutre

8 most haunted places in India, where everyday is a Halloween day!!

Ooty, Tamil Nadu

India is the land of mysteries and thrills where each state, city, town, village has its own secret story to unfold! Stories which will snatch away your peaceful sleep replacing it with nightmares and haunting memories, stories which will follow you when you're alone and in dark and will make your heart skip a beat, stories which will send chills down your spine and make you believe in those supernatural beings invisible to your naked eyes but smiling creepily in your mind, stories which will want you to explore more of their world ,burn down your curiosity through paranormal activities and pass on those tales to your friends on a goofy night.

If you're one of those who find this intriguing and wants to explore such places where the stories are born and put an end to your Phasmophobia then give a shot to these 8 places.

1. Khanderao Fort÷

Location÷ Shivapuri, Madhya Pradesh.

A majestic but deteriorated fort built almost 2000 years ago is a residence to many supernatural beings as per the locals. It is said that the ghosts protect the secret treasure buried in the fort and so anyone who goes there, never comes back that too in the daylight!! Fascinating, isn't it?

2. Bhangarh fort÷

Location÷ Alwar, Rajasthan.

Considered as the most haunted place in India, this fort is located on the foothills away from local residence and looks similar to those haunted places straight from horror movies. It is believed that people who go there during dark, never return. So, tourists are strictly restricted to enter the fort before sunrise and after sunset. Many people carry out paranormal activities here and incidences are noticed on frequent basis along with creepy voices and unnatural happenings. Will you dare to go there?

3. Shaniwar Wada

Location÷ Pune, Maharashtra

Built in the year 1732 by the Peshwas as their seat, this Monument was believed to catch fire and burn down on its own unexplained. After which, many incidences and unnatural voices are said to be heard. Though an attraction to a large number of tourists everyday, the haunted side of the story is still alive in every nook and corner of the Wada.

4. Three Kings Church

Location÷ Cansaulim, Goa

One of the most haunted places in Goa, this church stands tall and dark depicting true horror which you wouldn't want to miss on a Halloween day. The chills one gets with just the sight of the church is hard to digest. This place is considered haunted because they say 3 kings who wanted to capture it, faught amongst themselves and died. Thereafter, spiritual powers are felt and experienced here making it spooky and haunted

5. South park Cemetery

Location÷ Park street area, Kolkata.

The largest non church cemetery in India, this graveyard holds upto 1600 graves which are tall tombs and Gothic style structures impressed by the European architecture. This cemetery is closed down for fresh burial and stands as heritage place for the tourists. Many people who have visited this cemetery have complained about eerie and horrific experience. Also some incidences like falling sick, abnormality and breathlessness are witnessed post visit to this cemetery. As a result, many stories are cooked here and considered to be one of the haunted places in India.

6. S.N D.T Women's University

Location÷ Juhu Mumbai, Maharashtra.

A hundred year old Women's University established by Late. Maharshi Karwe, with a stretch of a kilometer or two area campus, this place has numerous colleges from which the backyard auditorium and the staff guest house is considered to be haunted. The huge and massive structure of the auditorium built with stones is said to be on fire whenever it is undertaken for renovation or function. Many unnatural and creepy sounds and faces of auditorium dummies are seen by the students and of course a restricted area now. Voices of a teacher yelling at students and bullet shooting are also heard by some people during odd times. Some have also encountered staffs from the past in the building premises which makes this place intriguing and spooky especially for the girls studying there. Wana hang out at ghost college?

7. Ramoji film city

Location÷ Hydrabad

The biggest film studio in India, it is believed to be erected on the war grounds where still the ghosts of the warriors roam, haunting people and some incidences also include people losing their sanity after visiting this place as if possessed by some dark powers.

8. Fern hill hotel÷

Location÷ Ooty, Tamil Nadu

This hotel located amidst the nature's beauty is believed to be possessed by evil spirits after some of its guests encountered unnatural happenings taking place. Also the shooting of the famous film Raaz was done here where the crew also experienced spooky things here after which people stopped going there. Would you dare to honeymoon with Ghosts here?

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8 most haunted places in India, where everyday is a Halloween day!!