Everything you want to know about the Mini Switzerland of India!!! Cover picutre

Everything you want to know about the Mini Switzerland of India!!!

Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

Dreaming about Switzerland but low on budget? Why always vent out when you can experience the same place in your own country and go gaga over it? As we know India, an incredible and versatile land which offers breathtaking places to be proud of has a hidden gem which is the replica of Switzerland, also called as the mini Switzerland of India, KHAJJIAR!!!

Location÷ Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh.

How to get there÷ Get to the famous hill station Dalhousie and then from there 24kms away lies Khajjiar. You can reach there by your own private vehicle. Buses are available from Dalhousie to Khajjiar but with less frequency.


A beautiful and pristine place with vast spreading green lands by the majestic rocky snow covered mountains is Khajjiar, hidden in the Himalayan mountains with an elevation of about 1920m. It is a small hill station especially for the nature lovers and trekkers. The climate here is pleasant during summers and temperature drops down during winters freezing the place. This place is also a house to many religious temples and devotees apart from other attractions.

Some of the main attractions of Khajjiar include÷

1. Khajjiar Lake÷

One of the best places to visit and rejuvenate yourself by the hustle free area giving tranquility to mind is the scenery of this lake. Surrounded by Kailash mountains, this lake is calm and serene. You would encounter many deodar trees and a small naturally formed island covered with grass in the lake. Adventures such as paragliding and zorbing can be enjoyed here. Also, horse riding can be experienced here. Best for photography and painting, this picturesque place is a delight to everybody's eyes.

2. Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary÷

This amazing sanctuary spreading 30 sq.km long is a house to many endangered and rare species of birds and animals like barking goral, Himalayan black marten, langur, jackal, bear, and leopards. Besides these, many species of vegetation are also seen here. This place is famous for long walks amidst the nature and trek. While trekking, one can encounter a number of white water streams flowing gently , making this place more beautiful and adventurous to explore.

3. Khajji Nag temple÷ Nestled in the laps of this place, this temple is considered to be the oldest temple of Himachal Pradesh. It was built in 12th century and dedicated to the Lord of serpents. The deities here are of Shiva and Hidimba. Different paintings of Pandavas and Kauravas are also present here. On a specific occasion, goat sacrifice is done. This temple is only open till 8.00pm.

4. Panchpula

At a short distance from Khajjiar is a place called Panchpula which is like a nature's gift. Pine and Deodar trees covering the area and streams of water cascading beautifully is the speciality of this place. One can loot the true feels of forest and nature at this place.

5. Local villages÷ Small troops of houses built in the jawdropping sceinic beauty is like a treat to tourists. You can roam around freely and roll onto the green grasslands without any fear to enjoy this place. One can also interact with the soft spoken locals and can halt there if needed. A truly amazing sight of these small villages is a must capture in your camera.

Khajjiar has many hotels and cottages to reside and take resort with your family or friends. One of the best places for a serene honeymoon giving Switzerland feels, Khajjiar should not miss the list of your travel diaries!!

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