5 Outdoor camping destinations around Pune under 2000 bucks!!! Cover picutre

5 Outdoor camping destinations around Pune under 2000 bucks!!!

Pune, Maharashtra

Summer's are just sunscreen away then why confining yourselves into the 4 walls of your vacations,fearing the hot sun? Resorts and hotels are just the options to spend your quality time but too mainstream? A mystic outdoor nightlife into that tiny tent surrounded by nature where you can sneak your head out gazing at the starry night is popping in your mind but also low on your pocket? Then check out these adventurous camping destinations around Pune under 2000 bucks only!!!

1. Wai÷

The best destination for an overnight or weekend getaway, Wai is the perfect place to spend your outdoor activities near the banks of Krsihna river fulfilling all your desired sports and adventures. From Bamboo rafting to swimming, fishing, archery, Bullock cart rides and your favourite sports like cricket or badminton can always make your day. In the evening, one can barbecue near the tents and enjoy the ambience with relishing food and drinks.

Cost÷ 1300 bucks*

2. Panchgani÷ Situated amidst the nature, Panchgani provides you with pleasant atmosphere and number of outdoor activities to enjoy with your squad. Trekking, games, sightseeing can be done here during the day. At night, delicious food with campfire or barbecue near the forest region in an comfying tent to relax your day's tiredness is waiting for you.

Cost÷ 2000 bucks*

3. Pawna Lake÷

Camping near the lake is always delightful and adventurous. Your perfect destination to showcase your fishing skills. You can also enjoy swimming, floating and get rid of the stubborn summer by dipping into the cool lake water. At night, you can enjoy the campfire, DJs and dance along with your friends to make up for the best weekend.

Cost÷ 2000 bucks*

4. Bhandardara lake÷

If you're more like an introvert and an old school who loves to indulge in peace loving ambiance away from hustle bustle then this place is apt for you. Lay on the silent grass gazing the starry sky exploring outdoor night experience or realax in your tent as the cool breeze freezes the atmosphere.

Cost÷ 2000 bucks*

5. Falyan jungle camp÷

This camp station near Khopoli is nestled in the jungle away from residential crowd to satisfy your nature cravings. Experience the jungle life with fun loving activities like rifle shooting, archery, trekking, exploring floral habitats with your cap and binoculars on. At night, one can enjoy barbecue and drinks relaxing in your tents amidst the thick trees and creepy insect noises.

Cost÷ 2000 bucks*

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