Keep calm and explore Murudeshwar!!!!! Cover picutre

Keep calm and explore Murudeshwar!!!!!

Murudeshwara, Karnataka

Murudeshwar, one of the most crowded tourist places of Karnataka yet serene and beautiful, untouched, clean, holy and adventure altogether is like a feather on the cap of Indian tourism. You'll find the heritage and modern era all merged and blended together perfectly blooming into an amazing place for all types of people. A proud land which holds mysteries and rich history with vibrant culture and aroma of holiness is what you will explore here.

Location÷ Murudeshwar, Uttara Kannada district, Karnataka.

How to get there÷

1. By Air÷ Nearest airport is Mangalore. One can easily book a cab or bus from there to reach Murudeshwar.

2. By rail÷ Murudeshwar has a railway station of its own.

3. By road÷ Bus services are in abundance.

What to see÷ Murudeshwar attracts a number of devotees and tourists every day for it's incredible statue of Lord Shiva which is the 2nd highest Statue of Shiva in the whole world. The magnificent statue is situated at the Murudeshwar temple which is surrounded by water from three sides.

1. Murudeshwar temple÷

Built on the Kanduka hill, this pristine and huge temple is surrounded by water from 3 sides and holds the 2nd highest Statue of Lord Shiva in the world. At the entrance of the temple, a 20 storeyed building called 'Gopura' is constructed for a clear view of the Statue. The gate of the 'Gopura' is guarded by two Life sized Elephants, one on each side. The premises of the temple is so beautiful that one wouldn't want to leave it any sooner. There are trees and plants with colourful flowers surrounding green lawns and artificial waterfalls adding to the beauty. People come to pay homage to 'Sri Mridesa Linga', which is the main deity here.

2. Murudeshwar Beach÷ Just some meters away within the area of Murudeshwar temple is the serene Murudeshwar beach with clean water and silky silvery sand. The beach is surrounded by tall coconut trees and bushes giving tranquility to eyes and mind. You'd encounter many birds here especially the kingfisher bird which is rare to be seen elsewhere. Along with long silent walks and sand slipping off your feet, you can also enjoy water sports here like boat rides, parasailing, fishing etc.

3. Murudeshwar fort÷ A strong and majestic fort built by early Vijaynagara Kings is situated proudly on the soil of Murudeshwar. This fort which has seen many battles, still stands strong and is now a tourist destination. It was said that after the kings, the famous ruler Tipu Sultan renovated this fort again.

4. Netrani Island÷ Just some kilometers away from Murudeshwar is a heart shaped Island also known as the 'Pigeon Island' ,the Netrani Island. One needs to take a ferry boat ride of about 80-90 mins to reach this amazing and dainty island. Dip into the cool water or swim your heart out or party with your buddies on the shores. This island is a house of many scuba divers due to its rich coral habitat and diverse marine life. One just cannot miss this opportunity if at Netrani Island!!!

5. Shopping÷ What is a vacation without shopping? Explore the streets of Murudeshwar for its various handicrafts, show pieces, beautiful vases, jewellery boxes and of course traditional jewellery.

Murudeshwar has many hotels, resorts and Inns to relax and also satiate your food cravings with lip smacking local dishes. A friendly atmosphere with holy vibes and outdoor adventure is what Murudeshwar offers.. come let's explore it!!!

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