Plunge into the Niagara falls of India!!! Cover picutre

Plunge into the Niagara falls of India!!!

Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu

India is a proud land of innumerable rivers from North to south, east to west where many breathtaking tourist places are born due to scintillating waterfalls making their way proudly into the river, soaking a sense of satisfaction to human beings with its mere existence and aura pulling us from our hectic schedule and revitalizing our lives along with our loved ones. When we talk about huge majestic waterfalls, we always remember the famous Niagara falls in Canada, but do you know India also has its own Niagara falls? If no, then put on your spectacles to read about Hogenakkal falls.

Location÷ Hogenakkal, Dharmapuri district, Tamil Nadu.

How to get there÷

1. By Air÷ Nearest airport is Bangalore (130km)

2. By rail÷ Nearest rail route is Dharmapuri (46kms)

3. By road÷ Hogenakkal bus station(1km)

Hogenakkal falls is a natural waterfall located on River Kaveri of Tamil Nadu. This gigantic waterfall is also referred to as Niagara falls of India due to its resemblance and appearance. Cascading beautifully amidst the nature's glory, this plonking falls is a house to a number of tourists everyday, especially during monsoons. Apart from just enjoying the view through eyes, this place holds many adventures and activities to spend your one day blissful picnic with your squad.

What to do there÷ The best thing you can experience here is a ride in a Coracle( a round shaped boat made of bamboos) which is amazing and overwhelming. The person incharge will take you through the falls where you can encounter number of small streams and waterfalls emerging out of rocks and cool water splashing over you with small fishes swimming under your coracle, visible due to crystal clear water. This delightful experience is a must to capture and store in your photo gallery.