Top 6 craziest and the most incredible themed dining out places around Mumbai!! Cover picutre

Top 6 craziest and the most incredible themed dining out places around Mumbai!!

Mumbai, Maharashtra

A perfect dinner date doesn't just count the good food and services which keep you glued to the seat but also the ambience and the interiors which lifts you from the obvious and mainstream table-chair culture and drops you down to something adventure and comfy all at once, giving you cheat meal goals and making your world of Facebook and Instagram more illecebrous!!!

If you're one of those Art-loving freaks who always try to explore something new and adventurous along with lip smacking food then try these 8 incredible themed dining places around Mumbai which won't create a hole in your pocket!!!

1. Cat Café Studio÷

●Location÷ 63, Harminder Singh Road, Aram Nagar Part 1, Aram Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra .

◆ Are you an ailurophile??? Love sitting amongst the most calm feline species and sipping on your coffee and having your brunch with purrs surrounding you then head straight to this place. Cat Café studio hosts a number of different breeds of cats which you love and they are all over the cafe. The most interesting thing is that you can adopt one and take home

2. Prison Cafe÷

●Location÷ 2nd floor, harbour view building, Sharif Colas, Shahid Bhagat Singh Rd, Mumbai, Maharashtra .

◆Who said you need to commit a crime to go behind the bars? Definitely not! This crazy themed cafe is made up of cells which you would find in a jail. The interiors are vintage style giving you perfect jail atmosphere and you'll really feel like you've just robbed or murdered someone, Oops!! Just to satiate your stomach!!!

3. Village - the soul of India!

●Location÷ Growel 101, 2nd Floor, Akurli Road, Kandivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra .

◆ Bored of international cuisines and wants to experience true tadka and katta of Indian villages then this place is just apt! You'll find all the north Indian, Gujarati and Rajasthani dishes and their stall like arrangements as if you're strolling in a food festival! The seating arrangements are dhaba style with traditional live musicians playing for your entertainment.

4. The Post Office Bristo and Bar÷

●Location÷ Pam Infrastructure, Behind S T Depot, Vasai, Maharashtra .

◆In this era of emails and messages, where will you find a post office? Already nostalgic? Then head to this vintage and old school themed restaurant and bar which serves you in anything that is recyclable and your bill comes in a post box!!! The friendly staff and live band with big screen and relishing menu will surely keep you glued to your seat and make you fall in love with this place.

5. Leaping Windows÷

●Location÷ 3 Corner View, Dr. Ashok Chopra Marg, Off Yari Road, Opp. Bianca Towers, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra .

◆Love comics and animated graphics surrounding you? Want to hibernate yourself with a pile of books and devour your favorite pastry then visit this place. This cafe has indoor, outdoor as well as underground arrangements where you'd find a comic book library and just imagine that Gothic creature from one those books having tea party with you while you soak yourself into the aroma of old books.

6. Pedal Power Café÷

●Location÷ Shop Number 2,3,4& 5 Ram Rahim Tower, Samta Nagar, Vasai West, Vasai, Maharashtra .

◆A fitness freak and love cycling? A cafe which will take you on a tour of evolution of cycles and where everything you see replicates a cycle. From your serving dish to your seat, from ceiling to entry gate, you'd want to pedal and get mesmerized by this two tier machine along with your favorite mocktails, pizza or creamy waffles. The friendly staff and lip smacking menu will make you a frequent visitor of this place. Engage into some exciting adventurous events on every Sunday, rent a cycle or buy one!!!! Tring tring!! Your order is just on your way!!!!

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