Want to Escape this hot Summer? Head to the Kerala's largest waterfalls!!! Cover picutre

Want to Escape this hot Summer? Head to the Kerala's largest waterfalls!!!

Thrissur, Kerala

Still clueless about where to spend your holidays this dried up vacation? Temperature is certainly hitting the peak level and swimming pools are just proving to be one of those unhygienic ideas and also concrete jungles are failing to stimulate your nature's aromatic sensations, then why stupor when you can enjoy the actual pool amidst the virgin green jungle with naturally cascading water besides in the most romantic atmosphere of honeymooners destination, Kerala!

Why only houseboats, back waters and plantations when in Kerala? Come let's explore Athirapilly waterfalls, the largest waterfalls of the state which is live all 365 days a year!!!

●Location÷ Athirapilly, Chalakudy Taluka, Thissur district, Kerala.

● Mode of transport÷ 1. By air÷ Nearest airport is Kochi (55kms)

2. By rail÷ Nearest rail route is Chalakudy railway station(30kms).

3. By road÷ Well connected to highways and Bus services available.

Athirapilly, the largest waterfalls of Kerala is a proud 80feet beautiful cascading waterfall emerging from the Chalakudy river and outpouring itno naturally formed water pools surrounded by rocks and lush green forest.

A home for trekkers and wild life photographers, this place also serves as the best fun day picnic for tourists from all over India and also the locals. This magnificent waterfall is divided into four heavy saults each with its natural glory flowing gently but with high intensity giving you the most delightful sight along with a colourful rainbow which is frequently noticed.

To reach this heavenly place, you need to remind yourself of the tideous walk along the forest and risky slopes amongst the rocky mountains which is all worth the scene. On your way, you may encounter a number of endangered bird species and friendly monkeys unless you don't arouse them with snacks in your hand! The calm and serene walk with the purest form of oxygen will satisfy your lungs and soul. Being an adventurer's delight, this trek will make your legs complain all the way but worth the destination!

After crossing the trees and small streams, you'll find yourselves getting enchanted by the place and it's rich aura. You can quickly take a small dip or swim your heart out or stand under one of the waterfalls and enjoy your sunny day. As there are no stalls near the place, you need to carry your own food and safety stuff.