Top 10 places to get drenched this Monsoon near Pune!!! Cover picutre

Top 10 places to get drenched this Monsoon near Pune!!!

Pune, Maharashtra

Don't y'all love the earthy fragrance of first rains stimulating your senses and freshening up your tired mood? Those cool drops falling fiercely calls for a good outing rather than just sitting in your bed or cozying around in your pajamas. If you're a monsoon freak and nature intrigues you more than your comfy four walls then pack your bags for some damp-adventure amidst the Sahyadri ranges near Pune this Monsoon!!!

Let us track down places according to their proximity÷

1. Mulshi÷ 35kms from Pune

Situated amidst the green valleys, this beautiful scenic place is a home to many small streams and waterfalls flowing proudly amongst the trees and bushes. Nearest to Pune, one can carry out a day's picnic to Mulshi and can also trek to Dhangad and Koraigadh fort if an enthusiastic trekker! Throw some leisure time in bird watching and capturing beautiful scenery in your camera while you enjoy hot snacks in the foggy weather near a cool waterfall.

2. Sinhagad÷ 37.4kms from Pune.

Covered with a blanket of greenery throughout the rainy season, this majestic fort is a monsoon delight for trekkers and nature lovers. Located proudly on the hills of Sahyadri ranges, this fort is a blend of history, mystery and beauty. One can start their adventurous trek to Sinhagad from Katraj and also witness the serene Panshet lake built near the Pawna Dam. The mystic early morning atmosphere will surely send shivers down your spine and make your day!

3. Lohagad fort÷ 64.2kms from Pune.

Built by the great Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, this fort is considered to be one of the best monsoon trekking places in Maharashtra. You will encounter vivid shades of nature encompassing the surrounding as you trek upwards. The entrance itself will sway your hair and blow your mind with the fierce winds and so it is rightly named as the Wind Spot. Soaking the mesmerizing aroma of the nature, you can witness breathtaking views of Tung and Tikona hills from the top and the beautiful Pawna Dam beneath.

4. Lonavala Khandala÷ 70kms from Pune.

This most visited place throughout the year, holds a unique charm during Monsoons, where everything you'll find is wet and cold and adventure!!! Walk up to the Bushi dam with your squad encountering various small streams and long roads covered with trees from either sides. Drench yourselves into the cool waters of the dam while you hog on to a roasted corn and relish hot chai sitting on the wet rocks. Trek up to the hills and capture bewitching scenery of the beautiful nature. You can also drive up to the lions point or the tiger's leap, munch hot groundnuts and take loads of selfies!!!

5. Malshej Ghat÷ 120kms from Pune

Snuggled into the Sahyadri ranges, this beautiful ghat is an adventure's treat. With numerous small streams and enthralling waterfalls encountered on the main traversing road, youngsters as well as elders are seen enjoying into the cascading waters. The Maharashtra tourism has well developed points on the Ghat for tourists to halt and small shops for quick hogging. The picturesque view of the green valley and dark clouds descending on the peak of the mountains soothes the eyes. The chilly weather and damp atmosphere would make you stay there for longer time. You would find many monkeys as well as sight of pink flamingos here. Adventure geeks can hike up the mountains and also visit the famous Shivneri fort located at some distance.

6. Mahableshwar-Panchgani÷ 120kms from Pune.

A family hillstation with the most pleasant climate and lots of activities is a must visit during Monsoons. You'd witness fogg around the place giving you chills and 24×7 earthy smell rejenuvating your soul. Apart from mainstream points and market places, you can enjoy Lingmala falls, Chinaman's falls at this place during rainy season. At a distance of almost 20kms is Panchgani covered with thick canopy of trees and best place to resort during Monsoons.

7. Karnala÷ 124kms from Pune.

Discover the Magnificent karnala fort by trekking with your squad and enjoy the nature's beauty and surrounding green aura away from the bustling city roads. You can trek up to the karnala pinnacle and experience the enchanting view and scenery. There's also Karnala bird sanctuary which is a home to many species of birds and plants too.

8. Bhimshankar÷ 127kms from Pune.

Though a religious destination, this place holds a unique aura during Monsoons for a total different experience. You can pay homage to one of the 12 jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva and then trek from shidi ghat to Ganesh ghat encountering small streams and waterfalls along your way.

9. Thosegar falls÷ 134.7kms from Pune.

On your trek to Sajjangad, experience the amazing thosegar falls with the most scintillating view. Get drenched and jump into the poodles with your squad. You can also experience the spellbinding view of the Kaas plateau covered with innumerable colorful flowers and the serene Kaas lake over flooded during Monsoons. The moisture soaked atmosphere will make you go gaga and paint your picnic day with the best green colour shade of the nature.

10. Kalsubai peak÷ 179.7kms from Pune.

Located at the most picturesque location with the backwaters of the Bhandardara, this peak is the highest peak in the Sahyadri ranges which is 1646kms high. A challenging yet beautiful trek up the peak is a dream adventure for many. On the top you'll find a small temple where you can rest. While trekking, you'll find many small water streams crossing your way as well as fierce waterfalls soothing your trek. To name a few, you can rejoice into the waters of Randha falls, Bhandardara falls and many more.

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