We should go to Goa for at least one week every year Cover picutre

We should go to Goa for at least one week every year

Goa, Goa

Do You Remember the dialogue from a famous Hindi movie Dil Chahta Hain ? "Hamein har saal kam se kam ek hafte ke liye GOA aana chahiye". It means "We should go to Goa for at least one week in every year".

Yes ! GOA is a beautiful place to visit with your besties...

There are numerous reasons to visit GOA.

1. Beaches 

Goa is a known as "Pearl of the Orient" and a "Tourist Paradise" and the reason behind this is beaches of GOA. Yes, beaches of Goa are beautiful and with its scenic beauty you will love to visit it again and again. Goa beaches are divided in to South and North. 

South Goa beaches are silent, peaceful and clean. North Goa beaches are crowded with tourists from different countries.

Sit on the sand and enjoy beautiful sunset on Goa beach.

Image Credit: Shyam

2 Historic Forts

Remember Dil chahta Hain Movie? Chapora fort is a hostoric fort in Goa. It is situated near to Vagator beach and it is famous for a scenic view of Vagator beach. 

Image Credit: Amol

3 Night Life

Night life in GOA in some of the best clubs of GOA is a must do thing. You can find beach side clubs and music clubs in beaches like Baga. While someone can like to sit on beach side to enjoy peaceful night.

Imae credit: Pixabay

4 Flea Market

Shopping experience in Goa's flea Market is awesome. You will find many antique and beautiful things to keep as memory of Goa.

One can also enjoy water sports like para sailing and can visit some of the famous places like Dudhsagar fall and Salim ali Bird sanctuary.

So, what are you waiting for ? Plan and Go Goa ....

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